Who We Are

The social shift taking place in Nepali society is something Middleway always wants to participate in and encourage. For this, we primarily produce and distribute content for Nepalese audiences as well as those with stakes in or interests in Nepali society across all media. The content creators who are not limited by methodology, formats, or delivery channels. We pledge to provide content that continually broadens the audience’s understanding of reality while also delighting them. Impelled to deliver creativity, excellence, and deep detail because, at our core, we are storytellers. The heart of our material is generated by merging engrossing storyline with impressive production characteristics.

To hasten the transformation process, we produce products that can be used by a range of audiences. Throughout our more than ten years of operation, we have produced content for a range of social and development organizations working in Nepal for use on audio-visual, electrical, digital, and internet platforms. We provide media, public relations, and strategic communication services to social and development organizations and groups working in Nepal. We give the transformation of Nepalese culture top priority in everything we do.

Our Team

We are a group of professionals committed to innovative processes that promote continuous learning and raise the bar for organisational and individual results.

We encourage a mindset of honesty and consideration for one another at Middlewayfilms. Every member of this family is encouraged to express themselves creatively and to perform to the best of their abilities.

Mohan Rai

Managing Director & CEO

Naran Khatiwada


Anjay Khadka

Senior Editor

Pawan Lamichhane

Graphic Designer

Bikash Rimal


Balkrishna Shrestha

Junior Editor

Sunita Rai

Finance Officer