What we do

Middleway films has continually pushed the envelope in all areas, producing entertaining content and capturing audiences of Nepal on a wide range of platforms. Our goal has been and always will be to reach a global audience with top-notch, ground-breaking tales that combine quality, innovation, and attention to detail.



We believe in the power of cinema and are passionate about filmmaking. Being one of our core strengths, we have made films of varied genre and length, including feature films, shorts, videos and documentary films for a number social and development organizations and agencies working in Nepal. We have created video tutorials, testimonials, vlogs, diaries among others for diverse audiences.


Films we have produced independently have been selected and screened at both national and international film festivals around the world.

We are one-stop solution for all kinds of filmmaking services from pre to post, including writing and researching, scriptwriting, filming and total post production work, including editing, titling, subtitling, sound design and mixing, color grading, vfx and animation and DCP preparation.

We also provide production services/line productions, crew, equipment rentals as well as location scouting for your shooting requirements in Nepal.

Photography/Photo Documentation

We provide professional photography and photo documentation services. We specialize in documenting change process at the community level as well as impact of development interventions and initiatives at the grassroots. We also photograph diverse types of events and actions of social and development organizations. We have been providing photography services to some of the major social and development organizations and agencies working in Nepal.

Content Development and
Management of Social Media

We develop a range of content for social media platforms including for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. We also provide our expertise services for managing the social media platforms, both day-to-day as well as strategic services to boost their effectiveness and impact by enhancing audience reach and engagement.

Knowledge Products Development

We develop knowledge products on development interventions and initiatives, whether it be generating learning documents, reports, stories of change or case studies. We also package information and knowledge generated for diverse media platforms.

Strategic Communication, Media and PR work

Whether you want to increase the profile and visibility of your organization or to strengthen the communication, advocacy and media component of your projects, we are there for you to design, manage and execute media and communication campaigns and initiatives. We also provide you with strategic counsel and media analysis to help your organization do better.

Media Monitoring, Mobilization and Coordination

We provide media monitoring, mobilization and coordination services for your organization so that you know if the media is covering the issues and events of your interest, and so that your events and activities get wider media coverage across all the media platforms.